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About Jurassic Academic


Jurassic Academic offers bespoke academic and business communication language and skills training for students, lecturers and professionals working in academic insitutions and companies. 


Jurassic Academic also provides educational resources produced by Edward de Chazal for people using English for Academic Purposes (EAP).


You may be a student, a researcher, a lecturer, tutor, or professor. Your first language could be any language in the world, including English. You could be based in any country in the world. You may need English for academic writing, reading, listening to lectures, giving presentations, or speaking in seminars and at conferences. Or you may need English for simply communicating with other people in your university or company.


Jurassic Academic offers short educational videos and resources to help you. The videos are based on years of practice and research, and they are less than 10 minutes long. Each video has PowerPoints for you to download and use. You can study this material independently or in a classroom, with or without other people. The material is free to use.



Whatever your background, I can work with you to achieve your academic or business communication goals.


Edward de Chazal

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